Top Google Shares Tips for Success in Google News Search Results

Key take aways for Google News SEO best practices:

  1. Make a point to survey the Google News Publisher Help Center.
  2. Stand out as truly newsworthy clear and precise.
  3. Give exact occasions and dates by ensuring that you demonstrate one clear date and time on the page and you utilize organized information to impart the time.
  4. Don’t “falsely refreshing stories” to attempt to get more play from an old story or compose another story with significantly a similar substance from past old stories.
  5. Try not to create copy content by making a point not to enable Google to record scratched content, revised substance from other site with no extra esteem, republished content. You can likewise canonicalize the republished substance.
  6. Be straightforward Google says by utilizing bylines, data about creators, and contact data for the distribution. Google additionally said you should audit their substance strategies.
  7. Try not to be tricky by not permitting “destinations or records that mimic any individual or association, or that distort or hide their proprietorship or basic role,” Google said.
  8. Google additionally said make a point not to take part in connection plans, which is general Google SEO exhortation.
  9. Try to utilize organized information, as referenced above to help richen up your indexed lists including utilizing AMP.
  10. HTTPS: Make your pages secure by utilizing HTTPS and other protection and safety efforts.
  11. A few months ago, Google saw a significant number of complaints from publishers about their sites and content not being indexed and ranked in Google News. While we believe most of these news publisher issues have been addressed, we still see a number of publishers still saying there are issues. This post may function as a reference for news publishers continuing to have issues.
  12. Why it matters. If you publish news, being in Google News can be an important driver of traffic to your publication. These tips posted above and on Google’s publisher help center are the fundamentals to succeeding in Google News. Everyone — from developers to news writers  — should be aware of these tips so that they can ensure the site performs well in Google News.

Author: Tanuja

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