ASP.NET VS PHP: Side-by-Side Comparison

ASP.NET and PHP are popular languages in the programming world that are used by a large number of developers and make it difficult for new developers to choose one of them. Both of these languages are used in large web-based applications. Some successful companies like Google, Facebook and Twitter etc. also use these languages.


PHP stands for Hypertext Preprocessor. It is an open source programming language used for web development and can be embedded into HTML. The best part of PMP is that it is free and has a ton of frameworks, which simplifies web development and is simple even for beginners as it is simple and easy coding technique. PHP is great for professionals due to its advanced features.

Why use a PHP framework?

A PHP framework provides a basic structure to streamline the development of web apps. Applications and websites built using the PHP framework will help businesses improve their performance requirements.

The best PHP frameworks available:

  • Laravel
  • CodeIgniter
  • Symfony
  • Zend
  • Phalcon
  • CakePHP
  • Yii
  • FuelPHP

Demand for PHP Developer:

In Today’s web development market, most websites are developed using PHP development tools which indicates a huge demand for PHP developers. If you want to enter the IT world as a developer, PHP programming will be an easy entry point.

Getting PHP training from an authentic and reliable training provider will be a great platform to improve your skills.


ASP.NET is an open-source server-side web development tool developed by Microsoft for easy creation of web applications and web pages. It can be written using any .Net supported language which makes it more popular among .NET developers. High speed and low cost are the main reasons for using it. A website built by ASP.NET is faster and more efficient than a website built with PHP.

Demand for ASP.NET Developer:

If you are a .NET developer, you will find yourself sought after by many development companies because your programming skills are extremely valuable in today’s market. There are many companies hunting for developers who can do programming with .NET. Therefore, it is advised that you brighten up your skills with ASP.NET certification training, which will increase your value manifold and have an edge over others. The ASP.NET certification training program will definitely make your future brighter and increase your career opportunities.

Comparison Between ASP.NET and PHP

Both the ASP.NET and PHP frameworks are effective frameworks to work with, however, there may be some advantages over the other. Let’s take a deeper look and compare these frameworks to understand which one is better than the other.

2. Market Share

According to the report, the underlying data source PHP is the most commonly used programming language with a 73% market share, with ASP.NET having a 23% market share. PHP has a 58% market share among the top 100K websites and PHP has a 52% market share among the 10K websites.

2. Websites

Here are two lists for comparing ASP.NET vs. PHP websites:

Websites built using PHPWebsites built using ASP.NET

3. Inbuilt features

PHP has many unique built in features that can help web developers. On the other side, ASP.NET has no such feature.

4. Speed and Performance

When you compare PHP vs. ASP.NET for speed, PHP will be the winner. ASP.NET is slightly slower than PHP because it is built on COM based systems whereas, the PHP program runs on its own memory space.

5. Community Support

Compared to ASP.NET, learning support is great in the PHP framework and has a large support community. It will be difficult for you to get hold of the #C language of ASP.NET as it is difficult to understand.

Key differences between ASP.NET vs PHP

PHP was launched in 1995 by Rasmus Lerdorf.ASP.NET was launched by Microsoft in the year 2002.
PHP is Scripting languageASP.NET is a paid Microsoft provided web application framework.
PHP Suite for Small Size OrganizationsASP.NET is suitable for a large and medium sized organization.
PHP has a good market share in the marketASP.NET has more market share
PHP works slow for desktop applicationsASP.NET is well equipped to support and create desktop applications.
PHP is best suited for applications that have a core focus on the UIASP.NET is better for applications where the main concern is security.
easy to learnQuite challenging to learn.
PHP is easier to use than all other languagesCoding with ASP.NET is complicated
Since it uses built in memory space, PHP execution is fasterCoding with ASP.NET is complex
PHP can run on Linux operating system which is available for freeASP.NET requires a Windows platform that is not free


Both PHP and ASP.NET come with their pros and cons. PHP is safe, fast, reliable and inexpensive and ASP.NET is easy to use and maintain due to its class library system. Since both programming languages are similar and provide similar results, the company can make a choice based on the needs and requirements of the app they are about to develop.

Generate and Setup SSH Key to Your GitLab Account

SSH stands for Secure Shell or Secure Socket Shell used for managing the networks and also authenticates to the GitLab server without using username and password each time. You can set the SSH keys to make a secure connection between the computer and GitLab.

Download GitBash

Git Bash is an application for Microsoft Windows environments which provides all git features in command line plus most of standard Unix commands.To download Git BAsh click here.After downloading the Git Bash open and run this below command


After running above command it will prompt for
“Enter file in which to save the key (//.ssh/id_rsa):”, just type file name and press enter. Next a prompt to enter password shows
“Enter passphrase (empty for no passphrase):”.
Then again you will be asked for
“Enter same passphrase again:”.
Just hit enter.You will see the generated SSH key as shown in the below image.

Set SSH Key to your GitLab Account

To set SSH key login to your GitLab account and click on the Settings option.

And in the left side menu click on SSH keys.See below image for your reference.

Now get your SSH key content which is generated already.Open the file through editor and copy the content of the file and paste into the SSH key section in the GitLab.

Paste the content into the Key field and also you can set expiry date for the SSH key.If you left blank expiry date then this will set to never expires. See below image for your reference.

Hit the add button to save SSH key and you will get final screen as below.

Thank you for reading this post. we hope you like this Post, Please feel free to comment below, your suggestion. if you face any issue with this code let us know. We’d love to help! Stay tuned!

Best Server Option to Suit Your Business Needs

Choosing the best server for your business that meet your goals can be a nightmare. Out of
thousands of options, it’s almost become inevitable to avoid confusion. But choosing an
optimal web server that ensures security, reliability, scalability, and efficient data delivery is
very crucial because it will ensure the performance of your website. So if you want to know
which server is best for your business needs, well you are in the right place.
This choosing game is not so complicated. But you need to consider some points keeping
your business needs in mind. So in this article, I will tell you about different servers and their
features, so that you can choose one for yourself according to your needs.

What is a server?

Before diving deep into the complicated terms, lets first start with a basic one. You often have heard people saying about Server fail, server down, server not found. So what exactly this server is? Well, a server can be a program or a hardware device that provides service to its clients. In this digital world, we are constantly surrounded by data. And we need something to store it. That functionality is provided by the server. The article currently you are reading is also stored on the server somewhere. Yeah, that’s true.

When you will do your research on servers and come near to a decision, your final list will contain these three names. These are:

  1. Dedicated server
  2. Virtual private server (VPS)
  3. Cloud server

Let’s discuss one by one which one is the best option for you. 

  1. Dedicated server:- A dedicated server is a physical server that is completely dedicated to a single website or hosting a single website. It is your physical box whose resources can be accessed only by you. The client has full support and control in terms of optimizing for their needs like efficiency and performance. In simple words, in dedicated hosting, you got the whole CPU as a server that contains RAM, and hard disc. In this dedicated server, you don’t have to worry about the other website crashing which can affect your website or downtime. Dedicated hosting will cost you around 7000-20000 INR per month depending on the configuration you have picked. Businesses can easily change the server’s configuration according to their needs and can add new software to meet their requirements. Everything has its pro and cons. So do it has.

The main problem with the traditional dedicated server is, if the hard drive fails, you are down if the CPU fails you are down. If the power supply goes down, you are seriously gone down. But the advanced companies which provide these physical servers, they can fix it for you under their services. But it could be hectic sometimes. And also, upgrading physical dedicated servers like increasing RAM, speed, or memory is a real pain. But don’t worry, we have two more options for you to choose from if you are not happy with this option.

2. Virtual private server (VPS):- Virtual private server is a server where multiple websites depend on the same server but with their own set of resources like RAM and memory. Unlike shared hosting, every website has its resources. Let’s take an example to make it clearer to you. Suppose you live in a building or an apartment. You have your flat. But there are many other flats present in the building. But you are using your flat and its resources wholly and other people are using their flat. Similarly, websites use a single server which is virtually divided into many parts. Flats, here are called virtual machines, the building is the whole server and the furniture of your flat is the resources like memory and RAM. It will cost you around 2000-10000 INR per month.

The disadvantages with the virtual private server are that at the end of the day you are sharing a server and you don’t have complete control over the server. Another possible risk with the virtual private network is that your service provider will not provide you with a unique IP address. You will’ be sharing your IP address with some other occupant at that server. And you should be conscious of that as well.

So VPS hosting is not for everyone. But if you are using shared hosting, and traffic on your website has increased, then you can leap to a virtual private server for better flexibility and performance.

Lastly yet importantly we have on our list is:

3.Cloud server:- Cloud server is a robust virtual set of servers that provides services and resources like any other servers but accessed remotely over the internet. In cloud server every server is connected to others, so you don’t have to worry about your data getting lost or facing the problem of downtime. In addition to that, you can configure or update your system on the go. It means if you think traffic on your website has increased and you need more space and RAM, you can easily configure it. This is one of the reasons people prefer cloud servers over others. Because you have to pay what you are using. The cloud server provides you uninterrupted communication and high security, which is the main concern of any business.

But here are some negatives of a cloud server. Since the cloud server is an internet-based model, you need to have a strong internet connection. In a cloud server, users have very limited control over the server because the cloud server is entirely managed by the service providers.

Since all the three servers have their differences. But You can choose the best option for your business by setting up your priorities and requirement. If you are a beginner at blogging, you can go with a dedicated server and VPS. Don’t go with a shared server, because you will be putting yourself at a disadvantage. Go for a cloud server if you are facing a plethora of traffic on your website and your business is going rampant.

Test APIs through Postman Step by Step

Postman is presently one of the most well-known tool utilized in API testing. It began in 2012 as a side task by Abhinav Asthana to improve API work process in testing and advancement. Programming interface represents Application Programming Interface which enables programming applications to speak with one another by means of API calls.

Application Programming interface is a characterized set of standards, which contains unmistakably characterized techniques for communication. Programming interface causes diverse programming parts to connect with one another. Programming interface testing includes testing the accumulation of APIs and checking on the off chance that they meet desires for usefulness, unwavering quality, execution, and security and returns the right reaction.

API Testing is utilized to decide if the yield is well-organized and helpful to another application or not, checks the reaction on premise of information parameter, and checks how much time the API is taking to recover and approve the information as well.

Postman allows users to set all the headers and cookies then the API expects and check out the response. Productivity can be enhance using some of the Postman features. A test in Postman is simply a JavaScript code which runs after, sending the request and a response has been received from the server.

Why use Postman for API testing

  1. Accessibility: To utilize Postman, one would simply need to sign in to their own records making it simple to access documents whenever, anyplace up to a Postman application is introduced on the PC.
  2. Use of collections: Postman gives clients a chance to make accumulations for their API calls. Every accumulation can make subfolders and different solicitations. This aides in arranging your test suites.
  3. Automation Testing: Using the Collection Runner or Newman, tests can be kept running in different cycles sparing time for tedious tests.
  4. Debugging: Postman support checks what information has been recovered making it simple to troubleshoot tests.
  5. Continuous Integration: With its capacity to help persistent mix, improvement practices are kept up.

How to use Postman

You can download and install the postman from the browser. When you open the dashboard the below window will be seen. 

How to create your first request

  1. A GET Method
  2. The auth_token query parameter whose value will be the personal API Key.

You have to enter the following details into the Postman application

  1. Select the GET Method
  2. Add the URL
  3. Click on  the “Params” to add URL query Params
  4. Fill the key value pair for auth_token query param.
  5. Then click on send and run the HTTP request.

When the request will executes successfully you will see the result appear in the window below with the information containing status code returned and the request time.

Importing Requests

You can make the process even easier by importing the requests. It is time taken process to enter all the requests to test multiple APIs. Postman has the feature of import requests directly from certain formats. You should follow the below simple steps while importing the requests.

  1. Click on import 
  2. Select the option “Paste Raw Text” and paste in the curl command text.
  3. Again click on import for importing request

Exporting requests as code

In the wake of testing and trying different things with your API in Postman, the subsequent stage would normally be to utilize it in your application. It has customer usage for its API in Ruby, Python, JavaScript, PHP, Go, and C#. In any case, on the off chance that you need to consider its API’s utilizing a custom HTTP customer in your preferred language, or in a language excluded in the API documentation, Postman has you secured. We can send out our HTTP demand into a wide range of configurations and usage.

Features and benefits of Postman

  1. Easy Syntax

It has simple syntax which helps in making the test easier to write and read.

  1. Error Handling

If error in the script occurs then only that test will fail and the other test will still run. Error will be displayed for the failed scripts.

  1. JSON Schema Validation

Client can approve reactions again a particular JSON mapping by utilizing declaration as response.body.should.have.schema

Thank you for reading this post. we hope you like this Post, Please feel free to comment below, your suggestion. if you face any issue with this code let us know. We’d love to help! Stay tuned!

PHP or Python: Which Language to Choose for Your Application

php vs python
php vs python

Intelligent applications are the best approach for a couple of years now – and this pattern is always developing. In any case, before beginning the procedure of web improvement for your expert site, progressed application or building and MVP of start-up thought, there would one say one is a question that should be replied… which programming language to pick?

Website designing and development improvement is a long separation run. You have to manage as a top priority coding at the customer side and server side, at that point choose Database innovation. For each progression, the decision of the specific programming language is essential, and you should decide before beginning the venture. There are a couple of approaches to analyze programming dialects, in any case, what probably concerns you is the financial limit, and after that – the ultimate result.

The Guido van Rossum developed Python in 1991. Python likewise has an open source foundation like PHP. Even though it offers a worked together web structure which upgrades its adaptability; however, it needs programming endeavor additionally, Zope application server is generally utilized python web system.

PHP development was started in 1994 by Rasmus Lerdorf. Prior the abbreviation utilized for PHP was Personal Home Page which was supplanted with Hypertext Pre-processor later. Its documentation is available online free of expense, as it is discharged as far as an open source permit. In the beginning, the PHP doesn’t bolster object-oriented programming, which was included later forms.

Which one suits you better PHP or Python?

PHP and Python share a ton practically speaking, and both are very ground-breaking with regards to web development, be that as it may, at last, you need to settle on a decision. How about we make it unmistakable, in best programming advancement firms you will discover developers for both languages. PHP is the center of by far most of the web applications while Python is increasing increasingly more group of spectators because of its readability and adaptability.

Python offers a wide range of frameworks that can perform similar functions as PHP Frameworks. Python is an excellent choice for the start-ups as it holds a small share of less than 1%. Based on the project if you are a start-up and you want to make it recognized quickly, Python is a better choice. Python seems easy to learn both languages are beginner friendly in comparison to C++ or other communications. Both are open source languages. Flask and Django are the two most used options that are used by the Python developers to develop the applications. On the other hand, PHP offers a large number of the framework that is used by the developers. Symfony and Laravel are the favored applications are used for the PHP.

Significant Differences in PHP and Python

While picking the best programming language for your business, it is imperative to consider the distinctive highlights:

  • The fundamental distinction between Python and PHP is their direction. PHP is item situated, and Python is aspect-oriented, which parts the program into various modules.
  • While working with Python, the designer can without much of a stretch, do separate modules and after that associate them on the “if-then” premise.
  • PHP development is less flexible than Python.
  • Python is more secure as compared to PHP
  • Python is readable that PHP as the commands used in Python is natural English language.
  • PHP requires libraries must be loaded manually, and Python uses special packages to load additional libraries.

Similarities between PHP and Python

  • Documentation

Both PHP and Python accompany detailed documentation that can enable you to out when you achieve an impasse. You need to investigate the documentation for the particular language, and, mainly, you’ll discover your answer for the issue.

  • Both languages are open source

Essentially, what this lets you know, is that you can get to the source code for both PHP and Python, along these lines giving you numerous conceivable outcomes for including new alternatives. You can change the language and improve it further to support different engineers, and yourself benefit from utilizing it.

  • Both have custom made IDEs for all operating system

When you achieve a higher level with any of the two languages, you can whenever download and introduce an IDE that will enable you to be significantly increasingly profitable.


Even after comparing these two languages, it is certainly hard job to select one because both PHP and Python are great on their manner. Python is the gateway to teaching codes for machines. On the other hand, PHP is used for web development and server-side scripting.

Libra and Calibra: Facebook’s upcoming invention in digital money

Libra and Calibra
Libra and Calibra

On 18 June, Facebook shared its next energizing task: Calibra. Calibra is a recently made auxiliary of social networking and will give financial services that enable individuals to get to and take part in the Libra organize. Libra is another worldwide cash powered by blockchain innovation. Facebook’s first move after the dispatch, expected in 2020, will be to present a digital wallet for Libra. The wallet will be accessible in Facebook Messenger, its informing application, WhatsApp, a computerized messaging stage, and as an independent application on our gadgets. The main motive for launching the app is to help people with their finances, saving, sending, and spending money. 

Calibra will enable you to send Libra, its advanced money, nearly to any individual who has a cell phone. As straightforward as sending an instant message, and with practically zero expense by any means. Facebook will probably expand on that, permitting future bill installments, paying for espresso through filtering a code, or riding accessible transportation, all done at the push of a Libra button. No money, no cards. 

How is this safe?

Secure safety protocols and guidelines are guaranteed to keep cash and individual data monitored and safe. Similar anti-fraud systems that banks and credit card organizations use will be clung to with Calibra. Mechanized frameworks will control online movement, getting any surprising conduct or patterns. Live help will be accessible should any issues emerge. Also, if after all that, something still figures out how to go amiss, a discount on any lost Libras will be advertised. Protection terms are a significant piece of our enhancing computerized world, and Calibra is no particular case to this standard. No data will be imparted to Facebook or any outsider without the client’s consent.

Like this, to dispatch another e-wallet Calibra individuals can move cash and make installments with about zero fees. Through this, they need to contact individuals without access to a financial balance with the assistance of digital currency to be specific Libra all around the world. No question, the innovation will change the financial strategies.

How can people use cryptocurrency Libra?

After launching a cryptocurrency, the client can download a digital e-wallet to be specific Calibra that will enable individuals to send it to anybody with the assistance of a cell phone. It will be accessible in Messenger, WhatsApp, and furthermore as an independent application. Till now it isn’t sure that where nation Facebook will dispatch it first, however, they said that nearly anyone” on the planet would almost certainly download the application with the assistance of a cell phone.

What the can user buy with the cryptocurrency Libra?

Facebook will dispatch e-wallet Calibra-digital money Libra for the clients to send cash and vise versa. Aside from this, Facebook is interested in encouraging Libra at different sellers for everyday exchanges. Uber and Lyft are the early financial specialists in the task in this way, might be benefits on the application utilizing Libra will be conceivable.

How can we benefit from Libra?

With the new cash, the people who are launching this state your life will be more straightforward. You will most likely purchase things or send some money to individuals with about no advantages at all since you won’t need to pay for any bank or exchange charges any additionally adding to that the transfer will occur in a matter of seconds not in three to four working days. Furthermore, later on, they are trusting that you can make money out your “Libra” cash into real banknotes, whether in your ledger or given to you from the closest nearby store. It isn’t proposed merely for Facebook, yet you can utilize it also disconnected, implying that you can purchase your preferred sustenance or espresso with your “Libra” balance. You can even get offers, limits, and rewards when utilizing “Libra” cash.


As per Facebook, Libra will be continued through a little charge for every exchange on the blockchain. A portion of the expenses will likewise be moved to the merchants who would then be able to ingest the costs themselves or hand-off them to clients. 

Hope, You will get a thought regarding Facebook’s new digital currency Libra and e-wallet Calibra through this.


Top 5 Programming Languages You Should Learn in 2019

Do you want to become a programmer or a developer in 2019? Or do you want to build your programming skills further this year? If yes, then you’ve come to the right place as this article will help you know the top 5 programming languages you should learn in 2019. So jump on the bandwagon to get some useful insights about the most popular languages in 2019 and the years to come.

1. JavaScript

Along with HTML and CSS, JavaScript is a crucial web technology one should know. In fact, JavaScript is implemented by most of the browsers. The best reason to learn JavaScript programming is that it serves as a single language that works for both the front-end and back end development. Thereby, you’d need to learn just one language to handle the entire end to end development of a website, if you choose to go with JavaScript.

Other reasons worth considering are it is simple to pick up, large community presence, exploring various tools is fun, and others. Unsurprisingly, Stack Overflow ranks it as the “Most popular technology among professional developers” worldwide. So, now you know how important it is to learn JavaScript in 2019!

2. Python

Did you know that Python is the most preferred language for data science and machine learning? As a matter of fact, it is. So you plan to get into any of these field or a related one, learn Python. It has a number of useful libraries, which one of the major reasons behind its appeal. Here are some Python libraries you should know as a programmer.

  • Numpy: This helps in effective management of multi-dimensional arrays. It’s interactiveness, ease in usage, open-source contribution, ans easy implementation of complex mathematics makes it a go-to Python library.
  • Matplotlib: It is a 2-D plotting library of Python used for data visualization. Through this, you get to create Histograms, Scatterplots, Plots, Errorcharts, Bar charts, etc.
  • Pandas: This offers data-structures that are of high level. Also, Pandas offers a wide range of tools imperative for data analysis.
  • Scipy: This Python library offers linear algebra packages , statistics, integration, and optimizations, for computation. Scipy is based on the NumPy concept that helps deal with mathematical problems that are complex.

3. Java

This one is a popular programming language that has been used by developers worldwide for decades now. If you want to build web applications on an enterprise scale, using a stable programming language, go with Java. In fact, if you see yourself working as a developer at one of the large organizations, having a proficiency over Java programming is a must.

Other than this, Java is also actively used for Android application development. Owing to the great presence of Android phone users, almost every business organization already has or seeks to have an Android app of the business. This straightaway means a higher demand for those skilled in Java programming in 2019 and the years ahead.

4. PHP

One of the most popular programming languages for back end development is PHP. Although, JavaScript and Python gives it a tough competition, there is still a huge demand of developers skilled in Python. Some of the reasons worth considering are PHP has easy dynamism, object-orientation package management is great, its speed has evolved, and it has a huge community, thus making it learning-friendly. So, if you want to become a back end developer in 2019, learning PHP programming is a great option for you.

5. SQL:

SQL’s full form is Structured Query Language. It is an effective programming language that helps operate databases. The functions of this programming language includes retrieving, manipulating and storing of data in relational databases. SQL’s one of the best functions is that it keeps data secure and precise. Further, this language aids in ensuring the integrity of database, irrespective of the size. 

Learn these top 5 programming languages to ace as a developer of programmer in 2019 and the years to come. Knowing these programming languages will help you stay in demand across companies and help you get a better package.




Top Google Shares Tips for Success in Google News Search Results

Key take aways for Google News SEO best practices:

  1. Make a point to survey the Google News Publisher Help Center.
  2. Stand out as truly newsworthy clear and precise.
  3. Give exact occasions and dates by ensuring that you demonstrate one clear date and time on the page and you utilize organized information to impart the time.
  4. Don’t “falsely refreshing stories” to attempt to get more play from an old story or compose another story with significantly a similar substance from past old stories.
  5. Try not to create copy content by making a point not to enable Google to record scratched content, revised substance from other site with no extra esteem, republished content. You can likewise canonicalize the republished substance.
  6. Be straightforward Google says by utilizing bylines, data about creators, and contact data for the distribution. Google additionally said you should audit their substance strategies.
  7. Try not to be tricky by not permitting “destinations or records that mimic any individual or association, or that distort or hide their proprietorship or basic role,” Google said.
  8. Google additionally said make a point not to take part in connection plans, which is general Google SEO exhortation.
  9. Try to utilize organized information, as referenced above to help richen up your indexed lists including utilizing AMP.
  10. HTTPS: Make your pages secure by utilizing HTTPS and other protection and safety efforts.
  11. A few months ago, Google saw a significant number of complaints from publishers about their sites and content not being indexed and ranked in Google News. While we believe most of these news publisher issues have been addressed, we still see a number of publishers still saying there are issues. This post may function as a reference for news publishers continuing to have issues.
  12. Why it matters. If you publish news, being in Google News can be an important driver of traffic to your publication. These tips posted above and on Google’s publisher help center are the fundamentals to succeeding in Google News. Everyone — from developers to news writers  — should be aware of these tips so that they can ensure the site performs well in Google News.

Amazon SES SMTP in PHPMailer: Send Email Using AWS SES and PHPMailer in CI


With having a large number of features, amazon become a popular hosting service provider. In this tutorial we will see how to send Email using AWS SES and PHPMailer with SMTP Configuration. We will see step by step this implementation.

Get SMTP Credentials from AWS SES:

To get SMTP Credentials from Amazon SES you need to do following simple things:

  • Login to your amazon console account.To login click here Sign in to AWS Account.
  • Go to the Simple Email Service Section(You can search it from search bar by typing Simple Email Service).
  • Select SMTP Settings from left sidebar menu.
  • Click on “Create My SMTP Credential” button to generate SMTP credentials.
  • Copy username and password to use in your application.

Setting up AWS SES SMTP Credentials in PHPMailer:

To use SMTP  in PHPMailer .

To set from(Sender) Email Address.
$mail->setFrom('', 'Techalltype');
Replace with your “From” address. This address must be verified with Amazon SES. You can verify domain name on AWS SES. After verifying you will be able to send email from any email ID which is ended with this domain.
To add recipient address in PHPMailer.
$mail->addAddress('', 'Recepient Name');
Replace with a “To” address. You can include several address to send email to multiple recipients.
To set AWS SES SMTP user name in PHPMailer.
$mail->Username = 'Your AWS SMTP User Name';
Replace smtp_username with your Amazon SES SMTP user name.
To set AWS SES SMTP Password in PHPMailer.
$mail->Password = 'Your AWS SES SMTP Password';
Replace SMTP password with your Amazon SES SMTP password.
To setup configuration.
$mail->addCustomHeader('X-SES-CONFIGURATION-SET', 'ConfigSet');
If you do not want to use a configuration set, comment or remove above line.
To set Host Name.
$mail->Host = '';
If you’re using Amazon SES in a region other than US West (Oregon),         replace with the Amazon SES SMTP endpoint in the appropriate region.

Setting up PHPMailer Class in Codeigniter Application:

After generating SMTP Credentials now we will see how to Configure PHPMailer Class with AWS SES SMTP Credentials in our Codeigniter Application. To install PHPMailer inside of Codeigniter Application we will use composer.Please find below the command to install PHPMailer using composer.

$ composer require phpmailer/phpmailer

After installing, you will get a vendor folder inside project root folder.

Setup Composer Autoload for PHPMailer Class:

You need to set vendor directory path inside application/config/config.php.

$config['composer_autoload'] = 'vendor/autoload.php';

Creating Controller(Amazon SES SMTP Setup) and Complete Code:

Create a controller named AwsSesSMTPController.php and use PHPMailer class inside controller.Please find below the complete code of controller.

defined('BASEPATH') OR exit('No direct script access allowed');
use PHPMailer\PHPMailer\PHPMailer;
class Welcome extends CI_Controller {
public function index()
$mail = new PHPMailer;
$mail->setFrom('', 'Techalltype');
$mail->addAddress('', 'Recepient Name');
$mail->Username = 'Your AWS SMTP User Name';
$mail->Password = 'Your AWS SES SMTP Password';
$mail->addCustomHeader('X-SES-CONFIGURATION-SET', 'ConfigSet');
$mail->Host = '';
$mail->Subject = 'Amazon SES test using PHPMailer';
$mail->Body = '<h1>Email Test</h1> This email was sent through the Amazon SES SMTP interface using the PHPMailer class.';
$mail->SMTPAuth = true;
$mail->SMTPSecure = 'tls';
$mail->Port = 587;

/* The alternative email body; this is only displayed when a recipient
opens the email in a non-HTML email client. The \r\n represents a
line break.*/
$mail->AltBody = "Email Test\r\nThis email was sent through the Amazon SES SMTP interface using the PHPMailer class.";
if(!$mail->send()) {
echo "Email not sent. " , $mail->ErrorInfo , PHP_EOL;
} else {
echo "Email sent!" , PHP_EOL;
Note: If your account is still in the sandbox, this address must be verified. Also note that you can include several addAddress() lines to send email to multiple recipients.
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Top SEO Strategies that You Should Follow in 2019


If you really want to be ahead of the game, it’s not enough to keep an eye on the latest trends, you should also foresee some of them. But is it really possible? The answer would be – yes and no. The thing is that we can’t predict what surprises search engines prepare for us. However, we still can make some predictions according to the latest announcements and taking off trends. There’s my list:

1. User experience

Google makes everything to serve clients, so it thinks about bunches of purported ‘social’ factors while positioning sites. Additionally, I’m certain you might want to enhance the change rate and increment time spent on your site. That is the reason ensure the client is happy with your site beginning from the substance and completing with the structure.

Pay attention to such user experience signals as:

  • Organic CTR (Click-Through-Rate).
  • Dwell Time.
  • Bounce Rate.
  • Pogo-sticking.

So how can you improve them? There some most important techniques:

  • Optimize Title and Description tags for better CTR.
  • Create in-depth content.
  • Use LSI keywords.
  • Improve usability.
  • Increase page load speed.

2. Mobile first

These days around 60% of Google seeks are produced using cell phones (in a few specialties numbers go up to 90%). That is the reason Google has effectively taken off portable first ordering and will make the web progressively versatile well disposed later on. So ensure your site has responsive plan (I propose utilizing it rather than independent portable adaptation) or both versatile and work area forms have equal substance.

3. Video content

How frequently do you find yourself viewing a 15-minute video as opposed to perusing a major article (despite the fact that it’s consummately advanced and may answer your inquiry)? As per the examination of systems administration monster Cisco, video substance will take around 80% of all online traffic by 2021. So on the off chance that despite everything you rest on video content, consider it in 2019. I propose consolidating video content with your content articles, however keep in mind that YouTube recordings ought to likewise be SEO-enhanced.

4. Voice search

Google voice seek is not any more about calling a telephone number and advising watchwords you need to observe as it used to return in 2010. These days an ever increasing number of individuals lean toward utilizing voice inquiries and directions (around 20% of versatile hunts are made by voice). The fate of voice seek is as yet obscure, yet it will unquestionably keep on ending up increasingly insightful, responsive, and precise. So you should consider a few parts of SEO that influence voice seek:

  • Optimization of featured snippets.
  • Long-tail voice-oriented keywords.
  • Schema Metadata.
  • Local SEO.

5. Featured snippets

In the event that you make an inquiry utilizing a mainstream watchword, you would likely observe not just paid and natural outcomes in SERP as it used to be 10 years back yet in addition an assortment of highlighted scraps (information diagram, rich answers, moment usefulness and so on.). Google fills its SERP with increasingly more non-natural outcomes, which is particularly observable on cell phones. The content, video or picture are taken straightforwardly from the website page that is connected to in the bit. So in the event that you improve your page for the included scrap, it might show up at the simple best of SERP.

How to get featured:

Make sure your page already ranks high (according to Ahrefs, 99.58% of featured pages rank in top 10 of Google)
Ask the question in your article and answer it (use several questions in subheadings to cover more queries, but don’t overdo)
Use eye-catching images and videos

6. Content optimization and technical SEO

When concentrating on patterns, you ought to always remember about fundamental on-page SEO. Having specialized issues, for example, low page stack speed, copy content or missing Title and Description meta labels, will pulverize every one of your endeavors. I suggest checking your site with Netpeak Spider which will locate all fundamental on-page issues and begin settling them.

Remember that despite the fact that you may know just some most well known Google calculations/refreshes as Panda, Penguin, Fred or Hummingbird, Google makes 2-3 algorithmic updates each day. What I mean is that in 2019 Google will be considerably more insightful, so it will be increasingly hard to advance your site if it’s bad enough. Make amazing substance, streamline your site, monitor the most recent patterns and you’ll succeed!