Basic need of PHP

What Do I Need?

To start using PHP,  We need the following:-

  • A Computer/ Laptop
  • We need to download Xampp or Wamp Software.
  • Notepad Editor (Like Notepad++)
Note :- Xampp/Wamp or Notepad++ can be download from this Filehorse.

What to do now?

After Successful installation of Xampp/Wamp server(generally in C drive we can choose another drive also).  search for Xampp/Wamp control panel and start Apache , MySQL.

Then, we need to find Xampp/Wamp  folder which is available in installed directory.(generally C drive),  then htdocs folder available in Xampp/Wamp, Create a PHP file and save in htdocs  folder.

Lastly, We need to write localhost/savefilename with extension on a web browser(Like- Chrome, Mozilla, etc).

How to run PHP page examole

Demo of first php programme


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