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PHP or Python: Which Language to Choose for Your Application

Intelligent applications are the best approach for a couple of years now – and this pattern is always developing. In

PHP Web Services: How to Create a Simple Web Service Using PHP

A quick tutorial to explain what a Web Service is and how it can be used. Let see with step

URLs Scrapper: How to Extract all URLs from a Web Page using PHP

It is sometimes required to extract all URLs from web page on demand.Lots of online tools are available to extract

Google reCAPTCHA: Stop Bots using Google Recaptcha in PHP

Google reCaptcha is a free service from google that protect our website from spam and abuse.In this post i would like

Debugging PHP with Visual Studio Code

Debugging is one of the most important thing of our application development. To make quality software, debugging is a vital

Insert, Edit, Update, Delete Data using Php

In order to insert, edit, update Data in Php, We need to follow certain steps:- Check the connection to database.

Apache Server not running in Localhost

Why I’m facing this problem? Generally, Apache and MySQL run without any problem, but in some situation Apache not started,

How to get Time ago and Days left using php script

Here i am going to show how to get time ago details and days left details using php script.Time ago

php Data Types – II

PHP as Array An array is used to store multiple values in a single variable. Let’s see with an example:-

Php Data Types

Data Types in Php PHP supports the following data types: String (Ex- Techalltype) Integer (Ex- 786) Float  (Ex- 786.50) Boolean

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