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Amazon SES SMTP in PHPMailer: Send Email Using AWS SES and PHPMailer in CI

With having a large number of features, amazon become a popular hosting service provider. In this tutorial we will see how to

Email using AWS SES: How to Send Email using AWS SES in Codeigniter

    In this post i would like to show how to send email using AWS SES(Simple Email Service). Here

Codeigniter File Uploading: Single and Multiple file Uploading with Codeigniter

In this tutorial we will see how file uploading process will be done by using codeigniter file upload class.It is

AWS SNS with Codeigniter: How to Send SMS Using AWS SNS Services in Codeigniter ?

Amazon Simple Notification Service (SNS) is an exceedingly accessible, strong secure which enables you to build a serverless application. Serverless

How to Use Pagination Library in Codeigniter ?

  This tutorial illustrates how to use pagination library in codeigniter application.In our project where we have a database with

Tumblr OAuth: Authenticate with tumblr in codeigniter

In this post i would like to show how can you validate user with tumblr OAuth. Tumblr oauth login API allow

Bunch Files Upload: Codeigniter Multi Files Upload Example

How upload bunch of files into server? In this tutorial we will see how to achieve this. Codeigniter upload library

Facebook OAuth: Authenticate with Facebook in Codeigniter

How to Authenticate with Facebook ? In this post i would like to show how we can get authenticate with

Display Maintenance Mode using Hook in codeigniter Application

For our web application like business application, E-commerce application or any other custom web application, maintenance is more important to

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