Month: December 2018

Top SEO Strategies that You Should Follow in 2019

If you really want to be ahead of the game, it’s not enough to keep an eye on the latest

PHP Web Services: How to Create a Simple Web Service Using PHP

A quick tutorial to explain what a Web Service is and how it can be used. Let see with step

Laravel Validation and Rules: Validate Inputs using Laravel Validator Class and display errors

Of course validation is a very important part of our web application development.When it comes to implement validation from backend,laravel

URLs Scrapper: How to Extract all URLs from a Web Page using PHP

It is sometimes required to extract all URLs from web page on demand.Lots of online tools are available to extract

MySQL Remote Access: How to Connect MySQL Database Remotely using Codeigniter

MySQL is a popular database along with PHP applications. Sometime we need to connect MySQL Remotely. In this tutorial we

Connect using PuTTY: Connect to AWS Instance using SFTP(PuTTY)

  In this post i would like to show how to connect AWS account through SFTP(Secure File Transfer Protocol).PuTTY is a

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