How to connect Google Search Console with Google Analytics 4?

The link can be made in one of two ways: using the Google Analytics 4 interface or through the Google Search Console UI.

Go to Admin > Search Console Linking in your Google Analytics 4 property.

Click Link in the top right corner.

Important: To make the link, you must be a confirmed site owner of the Google Search Console property using the exact same email address and be an editor in your GA4 property.

Next, choose Google Search Property. Pick accounts by clicking.

Properties where you are a confirmed site owner will show up on a new list. Click Confirm after selecting a property. Only one GSC property may be linked to a single GA4 property or web stream.

The next step is to choose the web stream you want to connect to that Search Console property. Then select the stream by clicking Select.

You must review everything and click submit at the last step.

You will then see a green badge that says Link Created. This shows that you have connected two properties successfully.

In Google Analytics 4, where can I access data from Google Search Console?

In Reports > Acquisition > Acquisition summary, two new tiles (widgets) with Google Search Console data will show up:

  • Organic Search Volume on Google
  • Organic Searches on Google

You must click the link at the bottom of each tile to view additional in-depth reports.

The information in this section is accessible before you link two properties together. There will also be historical data available.

You can get the following parameters in the Google Organic Search Traffic report:

  • Landing page
  • Country
  • Device category


  • organic clicks on Google searches
  • impressions from organic Google searches
  • Click-through rate for organic Google searches
  • Organic average position on Google
  • Users
  • active sessions
  • rate of engagement
  • Average length of engagement
  • Event Count
  • Conversions
  • Ad Revenue

You may view these dimensions in the Google Organic Search Queries report:

  • Organic google search query
  • Country
  • Device Category


  • organic clicks on Google searches
  • organic search impressions on Google
  • Click-through rate for organic Google searches
  • Organic average position on Google

Including reports from Google Search Console in the sidebar of the GA4 UI

Here is what you need do in order to easily view GSC reports from the sidebar (instead of going into acquisition reports):

Go to Reports > Library in GA4.

A new widget named Search Console can then be found. The status will read “Unpublished.” Click the three dots next to it, then click Publish.

Some users claim they are unable to view the Publish option. That, to me, is a bug. If so, duplicate the widget and then publish it.

The sidebar will then display a new section named Search Console for future easy access after you’ve done that.