Apache Server not running in Localhost

Why I’m facing this problem?

Generally, Apache and MySQL run without any problem, but in some situation Apache not started, this is because of just one reason and that is Port number. If any software installed before Xampp/Wamp installation take the default port (Port No. 80) than this problem came into existence.

Steps to resolve Apache not working?

In order to solve this problem you just have to follow some simple steps:-
  1. Open the Xampp/Wamp Control Panel, look for Apache, there is a config button click on it. Look for option Apache (httpd.config).
  2. click on (httpd.config) that open in notepad and then click CTRL+F key  a popup window appear. Write 80 in text-box and click find next button.
  3. Replace/Change 80 to 786 (ex-786 we can take another number also), repeat this process till cannot find 80 pop windowappear (3 time).
  4. Save the file and close.
  5. Then, in control panel we look for config button which is at top right side of control panel. Click on button a pop up window appear Configuration of Control Panel here we select Service and Port Settings another pop up window appear name Service Settings here at main port 80 is default change to 786. Click save button in Service Settings, and Configuration of Control Panel.
  6. Press start button of Apache.
  7. Go to web browser (ex- chrome), click on  address bar, write localhost:786  locacalhost:786/dashboard/ in address bar appear and dashboard opens.

Author: Hitesh

I am Hitesh from Jamshedpur (India). I have been working as a Web Application Developer from last 4+ years. I love diverse and attention catching web presence for a variety of users. Also I love to learn new things in Web Development.